Smart Arse

You wait for us
In your cyber-school-suit
With your mortar board
And your keen eye
Sitting on your smart arse
The Lone Ranger of the
Punctuation Police
Poised for pernickityness
Fact Checker of the
Intelligence Exchequer
Cleanser of the internet’s proclivities
Your mission is never complete
And no one chooses to accept it
For once would you not self destruct,
The flailing tape-worm of your smart arse
Mangled and dying on the floor?
……..and yes I did spell Bananana wrong


Reverse Psychology

I bet you can’t change a thing
I bet they won’t listen
If you speak up it’s going to be a waste of time
I bet if you show how you feel
They’ll call you crazy
If you go out on a limb
Things will get pretty hazy
I bet you’re lazy
I bet
You’re not going to fight back
I bet reverse psychology
Doesn’t work on you

The Bigot’s Irony Shield

Defenders of freedom!
No rejection will yield!
They’re just being clever
Your stupidity sealed
They’re not being racist
You don’t understand
The complexities of
Their ideas so grand
They’ll say something ‘funny’
They’ll say ‘It’s a peach.’
And when you don’t laugh
They’ll shout ‘Freedom of speech.’
But they just don’t get
What their ignorance wields
When they carry aloft
The bigot’s irony shield