Nick Clegg Still Talking Despite General Concept of Futility

Nick Clegg is still proffering his opinions openly and with no sense of futility, embarrassment or shame, say the public.

Despite having lied to all of us, he still deems it appropriate to even open his mouth.

“I can’t find a job, have a massive student debt yet I’m still living in a world where Nick Clegg feels that using his vocal chords for communication purposes is somehow legitimate .”

said Liz, a former student from Derby.

“He’s still…..there. Talking.”

Scientists would like to examine the Lib Dem leader’s brain to study how, despite everything, the neural pathways that deal with him addressing anyone ever again, remain open.

“It’s a complete mystery.”, said Dr Malcolm, lecturer in Neurological Linguistics at MIT.

“They should completely shut down if they have a conscience.”

Max Clifford offered him some advice.

“He should cover his face so that people think they are listening to someone who is afraid to reveal their identity. They would trust him more. But then again, they wouldn’t know it was him. ”

Clegg was still saying things at the time of writing.


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