Millennium Bug To Have First Pint


On the stroke of midnight, the Millennium Bug will go into a pub and order it’s first pint, it has been reported.

The bug, which in the year leading to to the year 2000, threatened to mess with calendars and bring down planes or something, will naively buy a niche craft ale, then ask the bartender for a lager instead.

No longer needing the driving license of a parent with a passport photo of itself crudely taped onto it, the bug will attempt to legally enter all drinking establishments that are still open after T minus 1200.

Not standing conspicuously at the end of a bar with underage friends until someone plucks up the courage will be a new experience for Y2K, according to computer scientists from the University of London.

“Hopefully, the overflow of binary information will cause all Weatherspoons to malfunction and close down permanently.” speculated Professor John Smiths from the Department of Technology.

“Unlike 2000, when it didn’t bother to show up, this could end up being a blessing in disguise.”.